7 Golf Betting Games to Play at Our New Mexico Golf Course

7 Golf Betting Games to Play at Our New Mexico Golf Course

Golfing, gambling, and the great outdoors of New Mexico. What’s not to love? 

During your next golf vacation in New Mexico, impress your friends with these golf betting games when you play at Inn of the Mountain Gods’ championship New Mexico golf course

Golf bets are as timeless as the game itself and each features its own unique quirks and challenges. Find the perfect golf betting game for your group below:

Beginner Golf Betting Games

Inn of the Mountain Gods New Mexico Golf Course

Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

This points-based game has three ways of scoring:

Bingo: The first player to get their ball on the green.

Bango: The first player whose ball is closest to the pin once all balls are on the green.

Bongo: The first player that gets their golf ball into the hole.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo! is a great betting game for all skill levels because it gives players that may be at a lower skill level the first chance at scoring points. For instance, for the Bingo and Bongo points, the player that is farthest away from the green or the hole plays first.

This game is great for: All skill levels.


Nassau is essentially three tournaments in one: front nine, back nine, and the entire 18-hole round. Therefore giving players three opportunities in a single round to win.

The great thing about Nassau is that there are no official rules to scoring formats. So match and stroke play are each equally viable options. Players can also decide if they want to include handicaps, split into teams, etc.

The most common bet is the $2 Nassau and is known as a 2-2-2. This means each part of the tournament is worth $2, so the most one player or team could win is $6.

However, a Nassau tournament can become much more rewarding, or costly, if a player or team chooses to “press the bet”. This means a new bet has been opened to run concurrently with the original bet. Payouts typically change based on this wrinkle.

This game is great for: All skill levels.


Sixes is a game that requires a foursome, but it’s a great way to get to pair up with everyone in the group.

The 18 hole course is split into the front six, middle six and back six holes. Typically, the first six holes teams will be cart partners, the middle six holes cart drivers will team up and the final six will be the two players who have yet to team up. 

Sixes is usually a best ball, matchplay format. On each hole, the team with the lowest score will earn 1 point. If there is a tie, no one scores a point. There is also the option to carry over, but this tends to get messy when switching partners. The player with the most points at the end of the round gets paid by the other players.

The overall bet should be determined before the round. 

This game is great for: All skill levels.

Intermediate Golf Betting Games

Golfers Playing Golf Betting Game


This game includes four players, with one player pre-determined as the Wolf before the game begins. Players will also set payout amounts before the game.

Once each player has hit their first shot, the Wolf must decide if he or she will play on as a Lone Wolf or continue with another player as their teammate.

There are several point-scoring outcomes based on this decision:

  1. Lone Wolf wins the hole: 4 points
  2. Wolf and teammate wins the hole: 2 points each
  3. Wolf and teammate lose the hole: 3 points each to other team
  4. If any player beats a Lone Wolf: 1 point for each player except the Lone Wolf

Playing as the Lone Wolf offers the greatest reward, but also carries the biggest risk which is why this game is popular for players looking to build confidence playing under pressure.

This game is best for: Golfers looking for more experience playing under pressure.


Played in foursomes, Vegas takes a unique approach to scoring. Before the game is played, a money value is set for each point.

Once each team’s players have played the hole, the scores are combined with the lowest score first. So if the first team scores 3 and 4, their team score would be 34. If the second team scores 5 and 6, their team score would be 56.

What makes Vegas so interesting is when a team scores under par on a hole, and their opponents do not, the opposing team’s scores will flip. For example, if on a par 4, one team makes a 3 and 4, and their opponents make 5 and 6 the scores on that hole would be 34 to 65 (rather than 56). 

When the round is over, each team’s total is added together and the team with the lowest score wins. 

Because of this scoring format, it’s not uncommon for friendly bets to value points as quarters, nickels, and dimes. But the hardcore gambles probably wouldn’t mind wagering at least $1 per point.

This game is best for: Golfers looking for a non-traditional scoring format.

Advanced Golf Betting Games

Lone Golfer Chipping Onto the Green

Let It Ride

Suited for serious gamblers who want to win big and aren’t afraid to lose big, Let It Ride works similarly to a game of blackjack.

A point system for bogeys, pars, and so on is determined before the game begins. When a player earns points on a hole, that player can elect to either bank the points or “let it ride”. Typical points for this game are 1 point per bogey, 2 points per par, 3 points per birdie and 5 points per eagle. 

Banking points is similar to blackjack in that you can put your earnings away. Any points banked can’t be taken away.

If a player lets it ride, their points are doubled and added to the existing bet. The risk here is that if a player is letting it ride and plays a double bogey or worse, any points not banked are lost.

At the end of the round, players with the highest point total are paid a pre-determined amount for every point they have earned.

This game is great for: Serious bettors and gamblers.

Scotch Foursomes

Scotch is typically played in foursomes, with two-player teams. This game is all about strategy and identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your and your teammate’s game.

There are two ways to begin play in Scotch:

  1. Player A will drive the ball first, then Player B will play the ball, and the two players will alternate for the remainder of the hole.
  2. Both players drive their own ball. Player A and Player B will then decide whose ball will be used for the remainder of the hole, and players will alternate swings.

There are several ways that teams can win on each hole, including lowest score on the hole, lowest number of total putts, birdies, and total score on the hole for the team. How teams score is up to each team before the game is played.

As mentioned earlier, this game takes strategy into consideration. For instance, if Player A is better at tee shots than Player B, it’s possible that Player A could hit every tee shot for the round as long as Player B sinks the ball on each hole.

This game is great for: Players that want more control over scoring formats.

The great thing about golf betting games is how they add an extra layer of friendly competition to an afternoon on the green. And the stakes can be whatever the group is comfortable with, from post-round drinks to inexpensive gear. Learn more about our championship golf course in New Mexico.

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