Granger Smith

Dallas native Granger Smith taught himself to play guitar at 14 thinking it would be a fun way to get girls, however, he quickly found music to be a passion worth pursuing and moved to Nashville at 19. Smith spent four years in Nashville learning the ins and outs of the industry as a songwriter with EMI Music Publishing before returning to Texas A&M to finish college and start his own band.

Once back in Texas, Granger Smith didn’t seek out a record deal, opting to hit an aggressive tour schedule while independently producing seven albums from 1998 to 2015. His final independent effort, “Dirt Road Highway,” even reached no. 1 on iTunes as it sold 69,000 copies.

Smith finally signed his first recording deal with Wheelhouse Records in 2015, releasing his label debut “Remington,” in March of 2016. His relentless touring and online presence as an independent artist paid off, as “Remington” climbed to no. 3 on the Top Country charts while selling more than 65,000 copies. Tickets for Granger Smith’s show on Feb. 17 start at $15 .

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