Foghat will be making their appearance at Inn of the Mountain Gods on January 20 – you don’t want to miss it! They began their career in 1971 as a bunch of rather unpretentious young Brits with an affection for American blues and ’50s rock ‘n’ roll. By the middle of the decade, they had evolved into a major touring and recording act, playing a pumped-up brand of boogie-rock to arena-size audiences. Their looks grew flashier, their sound fattened and filled out, yet the roots-rock core of the band remained ever-present under the surface.

Despite a staggering amount of personnel changes, the band’s subsequent nine albums managed to retain Foghat’s signature blues-infused hard rock and harmonious slide guitars, most notably on the 2010 album “Last Train Home” which paid tribute to departed lead singer and Foghat founder Dave Peverrett.  The band has achieved 8 gold records, one platinum and one double platinum record, and despite several lineup changes, continues to record and perform to the present day.

Tickets for Foghat start at $20 and can be purchased by clicking the link above.

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