Daughtry was formed in 2005 following lead vocalist and songwriter Chris Daughtry’s shocking elimination from season five of American Idol. The band quickly released their debut self-titled album on RCA Records, which became the fastest selling rock album of all time on its way to quadruple platinum certification and a staggering 116 weeks on the Billboard 200.

With a definitive hard rock sound spearheaded by Daughtry’s signature vocals, the band continued to find prosperity. Their second album “Leave This Town” peaked at no .1 on the Billboard 200 before reaching Platinum certification, while 2011’s “Break the Spell” reached no. 8 on the Billboard 200 with a Gold certification and their most recent release “Baptized” debuted at no. 6 on the Billboard top 100 charts before selling more than 90,000 copies.

After wrapping up the writing and recording of their yet to be named fifth album, Daughtry will be hitting the road on tour, where they will perform at Inn of the Mountain Gods on Friday, March 17. Tickets go on sale for $35 on Jan. 14

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